The Lofts at Prince

Designed From The Ground Up

Designed and developed by Herp Derp Inc, this responsive website is more than just a pretty face. For the regular user, though, it’s a great way to learn about the space. Check it out:



Look Under The Hood

There’s more to this website than meets the eye. In addition to a backend that is designed to automatically crop photos for the right dimensions based on upload, the maps content updates automatically based on Google’s own data. Best of all, there’s a barebones version of Quickbooks under the hood that takes in clientele as they fill out the contact form and lets the owner track their performance and interests seamlessly.


Client: Ranaana Realty
Platform: Web
Year: 2014

Responsive front-end, with design input from Herp Derp Inc
Automated image upload service
Automated Google maps data collection
Data tracking per user based on contact form – provides a full profile of interests for future sales

January 9, 2015