Chromecast Poker (Beta)

We’re All-In



Make New Frenemies

Play with up to 6 players simultaneously using your Chromecast and mobile devices. Play cross-platform on any smartphone or tablet. You see your cards on your device only – everyone can see the chips and table cards on the TV.



So Much For Practice

Play Buy-In or Tournament style, with the app helping keep track of everyone’s winnings. In addition to playing locally with friends, you can also play against up to 5 AI opponents at once to improve your skills. No more excuses for “beginner’s luck”


Client: Herp Derp Inc
Platform: Android Smartphones, Android Tablets, iPad, iPhone, iPod
Year: 2015

Play poker with up to 6 total players, including human and AI opponents
Exciting Chromecast-based action – no more card counting!
Supports Buy-In and Tournament-style play
Cross-platform multiplayer support

January 21, 2015