Birthday Wall

Never Miss a Facebook Birthday Again!



Do Not Be That Guy

Have you ever forgotten a friend’s birthday? “No phone call, no email, no message, not even a Facebook post?” The tears, heartbreak, smashed phones, torn up calendars, and emotional turmoil…don’t let it happen to you again!



Set Reminders, Send Custom Messages & Cards

Ding! You’re out of the doghouse. Send a template “Happy Birthday” for those borderline friends you don’t really keep in touch with anymore. Send a nice custom message for your buddies and you can even create/edit birthday cards and incorporate some potentially compromising pictures from your phone and that trip in Cancun…



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    Client: Herp Derp Inc
    Platform: iPad, iPhone/iPod
    Year: 2012

    Fully integrated into Facebook for one-click wall posting
    Set local reminders for friends’ birthdays
    In-App Purchases
    Export contact information to local calendar
    Support for iPhone, iPod and iPad

    March 14, 2012