Ask Tebow

All He Does Is Win

Simply think of a question, shake the device, and let the Lord (Tim) guide you with inspirational quotes and phrases. Just know that the majority of the advice is going to be completely useless.



This is a Joke, Guys

Seriously, stop with the death threats. Religion of peace, right?



Reasons This App Is No Longer Available:

It’s a Bad Idea/Not Funny

The NFL Asked Us to Desist

We Were Attacked By Jehovah’s Witnesses

Watch The Phenomenon

Just In Case You Have No Idea What We’re Joking About

Client: Herp Derp Inc
Platform: iPhone/iPod
Year: 2012

Have you always wanted to get advice, and other than the good grace of god, you knew not who to trust?
Put your faith in the Lord, and put your faith in Tim Tebow!
Simply ask a question, and then shake your device to see what words of wisdom Tim Tebow sees fit to provide you. Through prayer and understanding, you too can come to know inner peace and tranquility.


  • Shake and think hard to ask a question!
  • Patented “Tebow-Logic” that will come up with the least logical answer for you
  • Will not cause you to go directly to Hell from use

This app is not endorsed by Tim Tebow or the NFL. This app is clearly meant as a parody, and is not intended to defame or injure any person, real or imagined. This app is intended as parody, for comedic value.

April 18, 2013