About Us

HerpDerp Inc is a full-service mobile application development company. We are based in New York City with development partners and art resources from all over the world. We provide everything you need to take a great idea and turn it into an awesome mobile application, including early stage Concept Creation (ideation, design, creative, roadmapping), Art (icons, splash, UI, 3D), Development/coding, all the way through Publishing and Marketing support. We create our own IP and also work with all kinds of different companies to create the best mobile apps in the market.

Our management team has rich mobile experience working on over 50 mobile products, including high-profile projects for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Glu and Universal Studios. While we specialize in iOS/Android development, we also have capabilities for development on WP7 and Windows 8 operating systems, as well as XBLA and PSN.

We are a US-based team that offers ridiculously competitive pricing, reliable timelines and we have the highest professional integrity that you can find ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Our founders have a passion for gaming. They are also strange human beingsā€¦

HerpDerp Inc. Team